15 Awesome Fire Pit Paver Ideas

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Fire pit pavers are incredibly great for your home - they add a more aesthetically pleasing appeal specifically when they are positioned in the middle of your house patio or near the pool. It's definitely another way to enjoy the outdoors at the convenience of your home.

It can be the perfect place to gather friends and family, tell stories, enjoy drinks, and melt some S'mores. Indeed, the thought and smell of the burning fire just make you want to keep close to its warmth.

Without further ado, here are 15 awesome fire pit paver ideas you'll surely love! Not to mention, most of the concepts listed below are completely good for DIY projects! Let's get started!

A woman relaxes by a roaring firepit on a paver patio at sunset overlooking, 15 Awesome Fire Pit Paver Ideas

1. Round Stone Fire Pit

Fire pit with wood burning

One of the most common and easiest fire pits to make -this is a fun DIY project! All you need to do is outline a circular shape for the foundation that you want to build your fire pit on. Additionally, round store fire pits only require a few tools and materials to have it all done in just hours.

2. Stone Fire Pit With Half Wall

Outdoor living Space and Patio

Fire pit pavers with a half wall match almost any home decor! What's more, it makes use of the same process as building the typical round stone fire pit. However, adding half walls to it will require more stone bricks, heavy-duty glue, or cement.

If your backyard is too bare and boring, then you should opt for this fire pit idea as it impressively utilizes space.

3. Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit

Revamp your old concrete tree ring or invent one that functions as a firepit! All you need to do is stack two to three rings on top of each other and then add another circular concrete ring on the inside for the fire. Then, fill in pebbles on the vacant gap of the outside and inner circle to make it look snazzy.

4. Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

Turn your old dysfunctional washing machine into a stellar fire pit by utilizing the washing machine drum. This idea gives you the benefit of doing something economical. Plus, it enhances your creativity since you can get all the freedom to paint the drum.

Handyman Magazine's YouTube video can show you how this firepit can easily be made:

5. Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete fire pits incredibly look classy to the extent that they look professionally made. But, it's no doubt that you can pull this off all by yourself with a DIY project. You just need to create a solid square base for your firepit before pouring it with concrete.

6. Belgian Brick Fire Pit

This fire pit idea exceeds the ordinary bricks and concrete fire pits because it has a fancy way of stacking bricks to ultimately make a sophisticated and stylish look.

7. Round Fire Pit With Back

Aside from the mainstream round fire pits, you can invent a tear-drop-shaped fire pit that surely grabs some attention to your patio. It takes the same process as doing the typical round stone fire pits, but you need the right amount of blocks or stones and observe proper placement to achieve the look.

8. Stacked Stone Fire Pit

outdoor fireplace with burning fire

To achieve this, all you need to do is dig a hole and place a few big stones around it. This idea best fits grounds that are muddy and sandy because you won't need some concrete to set up your fire pit. Additionally, this is guaranteed cost-efficient and you can absolutely keep this for a long time.

9. Upcycled Truck Wheel And Stone Fire Pit

This is another way to utilize junk truck tires and transform them into a conventional fire pit. All you need to do is remove the outer rubber of the tire and use the rim as a base for your fire pit. You can also stack concrete slabs, stones, or bricks around it to cover the inner portion.

Functional Artist's video on YouTube can show you how it's done:

10. Zen Table Top Mini Fire Pit

This firepit inspiration surpasses the traditional rustic and concrete types of firepits. Zen tabletop mini fire pits look incredibly minimal, and subtle. Plus, it guarantees a luxury style for a very low cost!

11. Inground Brick And Stone Fire Pit

In case you have limited space in your backyard, an inground fire pit is a thing you should opt for! The process for this build only requires a few bricks, stones, and a whole of digging! Plus, you get all the freedom to dig in whatever shape and depth you would like it to be.

12. Cinder Block Fire Pit

To snag this idea, you need to choose cinder blocks that are fire resistant to achieve a good and durable fire pit base. After stacking the cinder blocks on top of each other, you can fill it in with a few rocks and pebbles, and voila! You have established a chic-looking fire pit for your backyard.

13. Simple Square Metal Fire Pit

Fire pits don't have to be all concrete blocks, stones, and bricks. With this inspiration, you can simply utilize pieces of metal sheets and hold them together for a square base. Then you can add mud on the inside or if you like, add square tiles around the pit to create a base.

14. Statement Piece Fire Pit Bowl

Grill with flames inside.

To save your time and effort, you can conveniently purchase a statement piece of the fire pit that will add character to your background. If you like, you can simply put the statement piece on top of your paver platform for an enhancing effect.

Esschert Design USA provides this simple but elegant fire pit bowl that's a great piece for your outdoors. It is made of durable painted material that can last for a couple of years with a 30-inch diameter base big enough to cater to the burning fire.

Click here to see Esschert Design fire pit bowl on Amazon

15. Steel And Stone Fire Pit

To achieve this look, all you need is are steel sheets for an inner and outer base and big slabs of stone to fill in the gaps of the structure.

For a full tutorial on this fire pit inspiration, you can check out this YouTube video by homesteadonomics:

Sublime Advantages Of Fire Pits

Amazing Fire Pit

Not only are fire pits incredible for your home decoration, but they also guarantee the following benefits that you'll be thrilled with:

Multi-Season Space

It's not only fit for the summer, but it can provide functionality all year round be it winter, spring, summer, or fall. It produces heat during cold nights, and it gives your a warm cozy feeling whether you're alone or you share a moment with a loved one.

What's more, it provides light to your backyard to keep the pests and bugs away. Plus, it can serve as the main attraction for your backyard giving off a mystical vibe.

Social Hotspot

The group of young people are sitting around the bonfire and talking and singing songs

Fire pits can give you a break from all technological entertainment. You can gather your friends around and have in-depth conversations, share experiences and stories, and enjoy the sight and tranquility of the roaring fire.

Firepit sumptuously draws people near and can guarantee to always set the right mood for your outdoor party.

Cooking Tool

Two marshmallows roasting over fire flames

Cooking in an open flame can ensure a faster way of cooking food. Plus, it spares nutrients and antioxidants to be retained in the food which beats other cooking methods.

Home Value

Large back yard with grass and covered patio with fire pit.

A well-built patio and a fire pit can add value to your home in case you plan on selling yours one day. Its value can cost around $600, a reasonable price for the effort and passion you put to construct your fire pit.


There is no average cost with fire pits because they can vary in shapes, materials, and sizes! Your creativity is your limit here. Plus, most fire pits can simply be done all by yourself with the right amount of time, materials, and dedication.

Important Reminders

To preserve your fire pit, we listed here some important reminders you should take note of:

  • Only use your fire pit outdoors with the right amount of air flow. Avoid installing fire pits near tress, hanging plants, anything that's gauranteed flammble.
  • Never use plastic, gasoline, alcohol or other dangerous accelerants that can start a fire as it can cause damages to your pit.
  • Always keep water or fire extinguisher close in case of fire emergency.
  • Place a cover for your pit when not in use.
  • Do not leave your fire unattended.

Spark Your Creativty

Now, you're armed with great visuals and some helpful building tips to get started on your own fire pit! Thanks for joining us. If you'd like to check out some of our other hardscape ideas, visit these posts:

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