What Color Pavers Go With A Blue House?

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If your house exterior is a shade of blue, matching pavers with it can be a challenge. There are a number of ways you can improve your outdoor scheme through your pavers: you can apply contrasting color combinations to liven up the space, opt for a neutral tone for the colors to blend together, or go for complementary color combinations for a more tried-and-true approach.

There are also many other things to consider aside from the color of your house—although it is a big part of the decision-making process. You should know what paver type matches the landscape you have whether it's a patio a driveway, a walkway, or a pool deck.

The type of material also affects the color options for a blue house, so you will want to have an equally durable and aesthetically-pleasing paver for your outdoor space.

Since there are a lot of things to consider, we have made things easier for you! We have collated paving solutions and outdoor paving inspiration that can help with your decision.

Brown clinker paving stones for laying paths in the garden, What Color Pavers Go With A Blue House?

Paver Colors That Go With A Blue House

Contrary to a common misconception that blue-colored exteriors are difficult to match pavers with, it is actually an adaptable color, especially if it is in a soft hue. Here are some of the ways you can dress up your landscape that can elevate the look of your blue house.

Red-Toned Clay (Brick) Pavers

Beautiful colonial style home with a brick paver driveway.

Create a lovely contrast on a soft-blue exterior with a warm-colored clay paver. There is a reason clay has been a common choice for outdoor spaces for centuries—brick pavers are affordable, durable, made of natural stones, and can last a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Brick pavers are ideal for walkways and driveways since they are known to withstand heavy foot traffic and various types of vehicles.

Bluestone Pavers

Background from granite. Beautiful flooring for sitting room or garden.

When in doubt, opt for uniformity. Make your entire space sprawl with rich hues of blue with bluestone pavers, known for their durability and versatility both in form and in function. Bluestone can be crushed with gravel or turned into slabs or small tiles which can create visual allure around your space.

Bluestone pavers are also proven to last for decades, although they might be prone to fading into a more grayish shade—which is still ideal for a blue-colored house.

Multicolored Flagstone Pavers

Stone pathway and green grass at green park

Flagstone pavers come in a variety of shapes and colors that are guaranteed to make your outdoor scheme more unique. Opt for a combination of muted orange, red, gray, and blue to be layered on your garden walkway or patio. The earth tones will blend seamlessly with the surroundings, and it will be more visually stimulating paired with a plain blue house.

Beige Marble Pavers

Home Exterior

Have an elegant and classy outdoor space with beige marble pavers. Beige is a neutral color that can match any shade of blue, and the material will elevate the vibe of your garden, patio, or driveway. Beige also looks exquisite when exposed to sunlight, and the color will even reflect heat back up to avoid an overheated paver.

Gold Travertine Pavers

A Swimming Pool at Sunset with a Lake View

Gold pavers will look striking against a blue-dominated exterior, and the earth tones will balance each other out. Gold travertines are perfect for a rustic aesthetic while maintaining a sophisticated appeal because of their high-quality material. It is most ideal to layer these pavers around gardens since it will highlight the greenery surrounding you and will blend in with the natural elements.

Dark Rubber Pavers

A woman relaxes by a roaring firepit on a paver patio

Choose a cool color to go with your similarly cool-toned blue house. Rubber pavers come in dark gray to black shades, making your outdoor space look classic and structured. These pavers are made of slip-resistant and recycled materials, and their natural aesthetic makes them blend with the outdoor space.

Aside from the adaptable color, it is also low maintenance and can withstand heavy usage.

"Greencrete" (Green Concrete) Pavers

background stone block walk path in the park with green grass

As its namesake can tell, geo-greencrete pavers are made with permeable materials, which means it absorbs excess water and feeds it underground. These pavers are entirely eco friendly. With trimmed grass and soil patterned across the ground, these pavers are aesthetically pleasing, the earth tones will elevate the look of your blue house.

Neutral Gray Cobblestone Pavers

Plants along cobblestone driveway

Nothing is more nostalgic than cobblestone pavers. Neutral gray cobblestone complements your blue exterior flawlessly, and its shape and texture make it stand out around your home. These pavers are more ideal for walkways and patios, and you can customize them to create visually stimulating patterns that beautify your outdoor scheme.

Brown Cobblestone Pavers

A paved stepped path in a beautiful park passes through a green lawn with decorative flowers, framed on both sides with cut bushes and lanterns under soft sunlight

Brown cobblestones resemble the earth, making it complement your similarly earth-toned house. The play of warm and cool hues will be appealing, and it will look charming even decades later. The natural earthy and rustic appeal of cobblestones makes it a popular paving surface among many residential homes.

Cobblestones require little maintenance; it is long lasting and has an easy installation process.

Yellow-Tinted Pavers

Paver driveway professionally pressure cleaned, with the hose and wand on the driveway.

Yellow-tinted pavers, particularly made of clay materials, look striking against the backdrop of a blue house. It will also brighten up your outdoor space and emphasize your garden beautifully. The lovely contrast of a vibrant paver and a cool-toned house will make the entire property look visually alluring, increasing its value.

Purple-Tinted Pavers

Nested pavers of various colors, around the grass is green, chic garden

Purple-tinted pavers in any material create an almost whimsical effect on your outdoor space. It softens the surroundings, and it will emphasize the aesthetic around your patios or pool decks. You can make it look more unique by opting for interlocking pavers and having them tinted with a purple and gray finish.

Silver Travertine Pavers

Private land landscaping

Silver travertine pavers are also another classy option for your outdoor pavers. The cool hues of silver and blue will be balanced, and your surrounding greenery will be more emphasized. Silver is a tried-and-true color for a paving surface since it is considered a neutral color.

Types of Pavers

The material of the paver matters just as much as the color because this will also affect the aesthetic of your landscape. It can either look flawless and elegant or rustic and cozy. Here are the types of pavers you may want to consider around your property.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers.

These concrete pavers have a wide range of color options that you can puzzle-fit to any pattern you envision. It is also the easiest to maintain. However, this is not recommended as a DIY project, as you still need a professional contractor to ensure its durability.

Travertine Pavers

Natural travertine texture with relief, matte texture in soft tones.

Travertine pavers are the best option on the market, although they are on the pricier side. The investment is worth it, however, because they are made of natural stones, are environmentally sustainable, and can last you for decades. They will look great against pools or manicured gardens, making your outdoor scheme look effortlessly polished.

Flagstone Pavers

Decorative flagstone wall can be used as backgrounds

Flagstone pavers are most ideal on patios and walkways since they are thinner compared to concrete and bricks. They are made of sedimentary rocks such as slate, limestone, and sandstone which are easily formed into slabs.

Flagstone pavers can be patterned into a variety of forms such as herringbone, basketweave, diamond-run, and cobble-lock, giving you the perfect opportunity to let out your creativity.

Aircrete Pavers

Installation of wooden beams. Rafter system on the mansard roof on a unfinished house building of the aircrete blocks

Aircrete utilizes premade foam pieces that bubble within the concrete mix. It is a DIY-friendly paver and is more economical than traditional concrete. The stones embedded on aircrete pavers make for a stunning visual, its aggregates complementing any type of landscape.

Timber Pavers

Backyard Garden Modern Design Landscaping. Decorative Garden Winding Pathway Walkway From Black Bricks.

Timber pavers are perfect for a rugged aesthetic and blend flawlessly within rural areas. They are also cost efficient and require low maintenance—a cheaper yet classic alternative to other paving solutions. They can make your driveway look effortlessly clean, elevating your outdoor area's aesthetic.

Asphalt Paver

Home with new driveway

Asphalt is a brilliant alternative to the concrete paver, as it is easier to repair and has a lifespan of about two decades. Its uniform black appearance pairs well with a blue exterior, and it can make your outdoor scheme look neat and welcoming.

Resin Paver

Resin is an ideal paving surface because of its adaptability and permeability—an environmentally sustainable feature. It will also easily make your space look sophisticated, although for a higher cost. It is extremely durable and long lasting and requires little maintenance.

Resin pavers typically come in neutral earth-tone colors, creating a lovely contrast with a cool blue exterior.

Final Thoughts

The type of paver you have affects the play of colors on your outdoor scheme. Your blue exterior is highly adaptable, and the market offers a variety of options you can use to elevate your home. As with any home project, make sure you follow your own style!

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