Is Flagstone Durable? [And How Long Does It Last]

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There are so many architectural landmarks worldwide that still feature and use flagstones. But are they durable enough for your home? How long do you think they will last? We've researched the answers to your questions.

When it comes to durability, flagstone certainly makes a name for itself. Its toughness helps it last up to 10 years. Maintained properly to keep its pristine condition, it can last longer than that. However, the depth and location where you install it are significant factors that may affect its durability and lifespan.

In this post, we will go deeper into this topic about flagstones. So, if you want to accumulate lots of information, we encourage you to keep reading all the way.

worker paving garden path using flagstones. Is Flagstone Durable [And How Long Does It Last]

How Long Will Flagstones Last?

Flagstones may last up to 10 years or more. But if you want to ensure that it will stay intact this long, consider the depth that suits the location where you'll place them.

Flagstones are thinner in comparison to pavers. It is usually between a half-inch and one-inch thick. If you plan to install it on driveways, be aware that it will always be at risk of breaking since it can't take heavy things competently.

Although they are not suitable enough for driveways, they are great for personalization. They will look appealing on patios and walkways.

A gentle curving flagstone path meanders through the garden.

Advantages of Flagstones

Here are the reasons why flagstones are ideal for most people, even though there are so many options to choose from.

Easy To Install

This type of stone is easy to install. You don't need to hire a professional for its installation. You can do it alone and create a design the way you want.

Since you have to put it stone by stone, you don't need to get the exact sizing, matches, or spacing. The uneven outcome of the stones will be their natural design.

It Won't Crack Easily

Flagstones can survive extreme heat. You don't have to fret about whether the stones will expand or contract because of the high temperature. In addition, it won't shift position and crack since it can adapt to ever-changing temperatures.

Easy To Maintain

Another beneficial feature of flagstones is that they're low-maintenance. You don't have to try too hard to keep it looking good. All you need to do is sweep and spray. If there are stains, you can remove them using a specific cleaning solution: a mix of water and bleach.

If the stones break, you can easily remove and replace them. Just lift the broken stone and lay down a new one. Don't think about the mortar and grout anymore; we don't need those in installing flagstones.

Weather Resistant

Flagstones consist of materials that are specially chosen to resist extreme weather. Colorful flagstone pavers and tiles will not fade in intense sunlight or deteriorate even when exposed to flooding.

Environmentally Friendly

Proper installation of flagstones can help stop soil erosion by keeping the soil in place. Flagstones are also porous, and that means instead of the water running off, it can go through them.

It will also help reduce the problem of stormwater. You don't have to worry about mining issues since flagstones don't come from that, and they can look like natural stones effortlessly.

Fire Pit in Back Yard with Flagstone

Numerous Attractive Options

Flagstones are excellent when it comes to unique shapes and colors. Manufacturers intentionally cut it to make it look like natural stones. It comes in random shapes: rectangular, squares, triangles, and other appealing shapes.

Generally, you can use flagstones to enhance and beautify your outdoors. It will make an excellent surface for your patios and walkways because of its safety and aesthetic appeal.

Disadvantages of Flagstones

If you're considering installing flagstones, you have to know its disadvantages. But you don't have to worry since the benefits it offers outweigh its drawbacks.

Time Consuming

Flagstones are easy to install, but the process is undeniably labor-intensive and time-consuming. You will need a lot of elbow grease in installing this since the stones are heavy. In addition, you will have to allot time to stone-piecing to cut your stone style.

If you're not patient enough to perform the task yourself, you can hire a professional to do the work for you.

Temperature Vulnerability

As mentioned above, flagstones can withstand extreme temperatures. However, it is not completely immune to them. Flagstones can be slippery when wet and scorching when exposed to sunlight.

Adjusting the Underneath

If you place the flagstone over a sand bed, you will need to adjust the ground beneath it until they both relevel.

If you plan to install the stone with concrete mortar, you can avoid this drawback. With that, you won't need to make any modifications after you finish the installation.

Does Flagstone Patio Require Sealing

Yes, you can seal your flagstone patio, although it is not mandatory. However, if you want to prevent wear and tear, consider sealing it.

Because your flagstones are exposed to extreme heat, stains, continuous rainfalls, and weeds, sealing them is the best way to protect them from damage.

Additionally, resealing should be done every three to five years. But of course, that may vary depending on the condition of your flagstone pavers.

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How Does Sealing Prevent Weeds

First, you need to understand how weeds exist in pavers. Weeds grow through seeds. If the wind, birds, insects, or rainwater brings seeds to the area between your pavers, they will inevitably grow.

Sealants effectively get rid of weeds since they can harden the pavers, so stubborn weeds cannot take root in your flagstone patios.

Flag stones with weeds growing between

Can Sealing Make Flagstones Slippery?

Being slippery will depend upon how porous the surface of your flagstone is. The more absorbent it is, the less slippery it will get.

Sealants are improving each year, and the present formulas are made to prevent surfaces from becoming slippery. This means that sealants will protect your flagstones from weather and weeds while reducing their slipperiness.

Is Cleaning A Flagstone Hard?

Similar to pavers, flagstones only require sweeping. It would be best to do it regularly to get rid of dirt, dust, landscaping debris, and other substances sitting in between your flagstones.

During the winter, you must clear the snow as soon and as much as possible to prevent it from getting into the joints. Also, leaves can hold moisture, so don't leave them for too long if you want to prevent stains on your flagstones.

Are Flagstones Worth It

The answer to this may vary depending on the opinions of every homeowner. We suggest you read the benefits and drawbacks of flagstones again to give you the information you need to decide whether it's worth it or not. The final choice is up to you!

Maintaining your Flagstones

If you want your flagstones to last long, we suggest you follow these tips below:

Keep It Away From Water

As much as possible, keep your flagstones away from water to prevent discoloration.

Another consequence of exposure to water is that it can lead to mold growth. Your flagstone patio won't look appealing as before if you neglect to maintain it. You can use a squeegee to get rid of the water and moisture.

Sweep It Regularly

Staining and discoloration can be possible if you don't sweep your flagstone patios regularly.

Use a dust mop or a broom to remove any dirt or substance that surfaces on your flagstones. You can do the sweeping at least once a week. Sweep it more thoroughly on windy days.

Use A Stone Cleaner

Sweeping is not enough. If possible, use a cleaner that is naturally made for flagstones. Avoid using any cleaners aside from stone cleaners because they can damage your flagstones.

Always read and follow the instructions before using the solution to prevent damage to the surface. You can use a garden hose and squeegee for the rinsing process.

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Natural Flagstone pathway with a few drops of rain. Is Flagstone Durable [And How Long Does It Last]

In Summary

Keeping your flagstones sound doesn't require too much maintenance. All you have to do is be consistent in cleaning and keep it well-maintained to extend its durability and longevity.

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