How To Clean Flagstone [Plus Stain Removal Tips!]

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Fortunately, flagstone is not too demanding when it comes to cleaning. According to our research, you will need some items that you can easily find in your home for cleaning. And you will need just a bit of effort and time. Sounds trouble-free, right?

There are four essential steps in cleaning your dirty flagstones; these may also apply for stains removal:

  1. Before anything else, prepare a bucket, dish soap or bleach, and get a deck brush.
  2. Create a cleaning solution. For simple specks of dirt and stains, add two tablespoons of dish soap to a bucket filled with water, preferably warm; and dissolve the dish soap in it. However, for stubborn stains, you can use one part of bleach with 10 parts of water.
  3. Immerse the scrub brush into the bucket with the cleaning solution.
  4. Start scrubbing the whole flagstone until you finish removing the stains.

We provided above the most manageable and the cheapest steps possible. However, we want to show you more detailed information about cleaning and maintaining your flagstones. So, we encourage you to continue reading since it will surely help you a lot.

Flagstone pavers used for the garden landscape, How To Clean Flagstone [Plus Stain Removal Tips!]

Additional Flagstone Cleaning Tips

Of course, we don't want you to settle for less. As much as possible, we like to offer you lots of cleaning options that you may use for future stain troubles.

Stylish garden landscaping with lavenders and other gorgeous plants and flowers

Cleaning Mold From Your Flagstone Patio

Mold is undoubtedly irritating, from the look to its texture. And getting rid of it will give you satisfaction. Before starting the process, you will need to prepare a garden pump spray, deck brush, and vinegar, preferably white vinegar since it is stronger and works best.

Follow these steps to achieve great results:

Using the garden pump spray, spray the flagstone with the white vinegar you prepared. Generously coat the areas with the most mold growth.

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For a couple of minutes, let the vinegar sit into the flagstones to take effect. Cleanse the vinegar from your flagstones using an ample amount of water. Use your deck brush, clean your flagstones thoroughly, and rewash them with water.

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Cleaning Oil and Grease Stains From Your Flagstones

You don't have to worry anymore about getting rid of oil and grease stubborn stains. For you to clean them easily, follow the steps below:

  • The first step is to prepare the deck brush, garden pump sprayer, bleach, and garden hose.
  • Protect yourself using rubber gloves, safety glasses, and a face mask. You may prefer to wear old clothes if you don't want the new ones to be stained with bleach.
  • Dilute the bleach with water. Read and follow the instructions at the back of the container for the correct measurement.
  • Bleach can discolor your flagstones since it is a potent substance. So, it would be best to consider doing a patch test first before using it in the entire area.
  • Spray the diluted bleach on your flagstones. Pay attention, particularly to the areas with many stains. However, note the instructions for how long you will let the bleach sit. Some bleach requires scrubbing, while others need to leave it be.
  • After letting the bleach sit into the stains, generously spray and rinse the area using the garden hose. Cleanse it as thoroughly as possible.

Handle Flagstone with Care

Handling and maintaining your flagstones with care is a must. That is why we will provide you with a list of tips that might help you achieve it.

  • As much as possible, avoid cleaners that are too harsh for your flagstones, for this will damage them.
  • When using ammonia or bleach, do it safely. Avoid exposing it to your skin.
  • Frequently sweep your flagstone patio. Doing so will keep your flagstones away from debris and leaves that may cause stains.
  • If you don't want to get your hands dirty and sweaty, you can always opt to hire a hardscape professional to do the work for you.

Importance of Sealing Your Flagstones

Gorgeous landscaping on the garden filled with red flowering plants and flagstone pavers

We all know that stains are inevitable, especially in outdoor areas. And that is why sealing your flagstones is strictly recommended. Flagstones are porous, and sealants are the only option to fill them.

Sealing flagstones can contribute so much to its maintenance. A properly sealed flagstone will prevent dirt and mold build-up. To clarify, sealing it can reduce the need for repairs and replacement. It will also help to extend the lifespan of your flagstones.

However, you should be aware of how glossy sealants work. They can change and compromise the natural appeal of the flagstones. If you want, and if possible, use a penetrating sealant with a matte finish because they will protect your flagstones against moisture by forming a chemical barrier. It also keeps the natural appearance of the stones.

In addition, it would be best to make the sealant application at least once yearly to preserve the stone and its color as time goes by.

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Benefits of Using Flagstones

It may not be obvious, but flagstones offer many benefits. If you plan to use it for your future projects, you should at least know its advantages to make the most out of it.


Flagstone's superiority in withstanding the ever-changing climates and weather, slip-resistance, and its convenience in repairs and maintenance, are truly remarkable.

Flagstone pavers decorated at the garden pathway

When weeds take root on your flagstone, it won't easily break. Roots and weeds can grow underneath the flagstone, but unlike concrete patios and some other paving materials, they won't crack. You can do just a little bit of adjustments to get rid of those weeds. In an instance that the flagstones are damaged, repairing and replacing won't cost you much since it is relatively simple.


Flagstones come in many colors, shapes, shades, and sizes. Due to its versatility, you can utilize it with the different styles that you want. You can put the flagstones either outdoors or indoors. Additionally, if you're going to be extra creative, you can mix and match.

Furthermore, flagstones are resistant to acids. You can lay them directly to the soil; you won't have to use an aggregate or concrete foundation.

Aesthetically Appealing

Flagstone pavers used for the patio pavement

Due to the versatility of flagstones, you can do extensive creativity and end your flagstones up with an aesthetic look. It can complement and define anything in your home with a unique look. What are you waiting for? Add more style and character to your yard.

You'll Exactly Get What You Pay For

Flagstones may seem a little pricey at first. However, being versatile and natural, you will soon realize that your money is worth it. You can get flagstones at a reasonable price since they are a good investment for your home. Its durability, stylishness, and longevity will show you the proof.


One excellent benefit that flagstones provide is their slip resistance. As a result, this material is ideal for walking surfaces and areas.

Drawbacks of Flagstones

Detailed photo of flagstone pavers

Flagstones have disadvantages as well. But when you try to see it in a larger picture, you'll realize that these are nothing compared to the benefits.

Consumes Too Much Time When Installing

Indeed, flagstones are easy to install when we talk about their process; however, you will consume time carrying and breaking them to pieces due to their heaviness. It will surely give you a good workout because of the length of time to install these.

Reacts to Extreme Temperatures

Flagstones can withstand extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, flagstones are excessively hot when exposed to sunlight and they can also be slippery when soaked in the rain.

Bottom Line

Flagstone pavers used for the garden landscape

Cleaning and maintaining your flagstone patios means extending their lifespan and preserving their appearance as well. A little effort by doing these won't hurt anyway. Just think about the money you used to purchase and install it; you don't want to put it on waste for sure. So, as much as possible, clean your flagstones thoroughly and regularly.

We hope that this article helped and opened your eyes to the beauty and benefits of flagstones.

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