Does Pea Gravel Come In Different Colors?

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Landscaping using pea gravel results in smooth walkways and also helps in adding aesthetic appeal to your home. Its colors help in bringing style and character to your driveway. We’ve done thorough research to find out the different qualities of pea gravel and why it is easier to match your home and landscape.

Besides the stones' small size and smooth edges, pea gravel also comes in a variety of colors. Through these colors, you can easily add style and finesse to your property. It will be ideal to find the perfect color to complement your area! Here are some colors of pea gravel that you can choose from:

  1. White 
  2. Cream 
  3. Beige 
  4. Green 
  5. Red Brown 
  6. Tan
  7. Grey
  8. Brown 
  9. Black 

Check out different tips on choosing the best colors of pea gravel for your outdoor area by reading the rest of the article. Also, learn more about how you can properly maintain pea gravel on your walkways, patios, and driveways. See below for various ideas you can get inspiration from. 

Find your prefered pea gravel for your design, Does pea gravel come in different colors?

9 Colors of Pea Gravel You May Use At Home

Choosing the right color for your pea gravel depends on the color of your home. You may also consider the colors in your home's accents, decorations, and overall landscape. Review the following color schemes below and select the best pea gravel color for your lovely abode.

1. White

The clean and minimalist touch of white pea gravel can match different house colors. Because white is versatile, you can add white pea gravel to any house color scheme, ranging from light to dark tones. However, refrain from using white pea gravel if your house has white painted walls. 

White pea gravel with minimalist and clean design perfect for house colors combination

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2. Cream

Cream pea gravel great for driveway or other options

If you're looking for a driveway or walkway solution that will add some color and personality to your property, cream pea gravel is a great option. It brings a softer touch compared to pure white. So, if you prefer a lighter-toned touch for the ground, cream pea gravel is ideal for you. Plus, the cream color will really stand out against a green lawn or garden.

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3. Beige

Dark beige pea gravel with darker tone of cream

Beige pea gravel is a darker tone of cream. It also includes a touch of light grey. This hue brings a neutral shade to your landscape, allowing you to add bright colors like red, yellow, and pink. This color will look engaging with vibrant-colored houses. However, beige pea gravel could also sometimes work with dark hues in the exterior of a home. 

4. Green

Green pea gravel reflects the color of your lawn, plants, and trees. This means it would be easier for you to match them with different decors. Also, this color provides a nature-like look, offering a fresh and lively appearance for your exterior.

Remember that green is the perfect color for adding life and vibrancy to a space. If you're looking for a way to brighten up your property, consider using green pea gravel.

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5. Red-Brown

Rustic look of red-brown pea gravel

Homeowners prefer red-brown gravel because of its rustic look. It can add character to your landscape and make it look like you put a lot of effort into creating a beautiful space.

Shades of red-brown also bring a stunning allure to your outdoor area as it complements trees, woods, and other sand. If you prefer a vintage look for your landscaping, you would never go wrong with red-brown pea gravel.

6. Tan

Tan pea gravel good for landscape

Another pea gravel color that offers a warm but calming tone is tan. It is highly versatile, making it suitable in various settings: from formal landscapes to rustic outdoor spaces. It even brings a relaxing effect to your space due to its warm-toned appearance.

Like red-brown, tan pea gravel can also match homes with wood accents. Most importantly, tan pea gravel also works perfectly with outdoor gardens and swimming pools. 

7. Grey

Neutral shade of gray pea gravel

You can also try grey pea gravel for a more neutral shade. If you use this color, it would be easier to match them with different house colors, including light and dark colors. Grey pea gravel also helps to bring a calm and lovely tone that suits different outdoor furniture you wish to put outside the house. Also, grey-colored pea gravel shows dirt less compared to other colors.

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8. Brown

Stylish color brown pea gravel

Another stylish color for pea gravel is brown. It would look natural on the ground. You can even pair it with larger stones or pavements that would complement its dark color.

Other homeowners prefer adding brown pea gravel on their driveway and walkway as brown does not show stains. Additionally, the color brown offers a natural and rustic look, making it easier to fit in nicely with the ground, especially with plants. 

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9. Black

Of course, you shouldn't miss out on black pea gravel. Some homeowners choose black as it complements all house colors. Also, black pea gravel can be an excellent choice for adding contrast to your landscape. If you have a lot of green plants and trees in your yard, black gravel can really make them stand out. It can also be a great choice if you're looking for a sleek, modern look.

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How does pea gravel differ from river pebbles?

The stone size of pea gravel typically ranges from 1/8 of an inch to 3/8 of an inch. This type of gravel is perfect for driveways, as it is less likely to get caught in automobile tires than other options like crushed stone. Pea gravel is also available in many colors, making it a favored choice for landscaping and home decor projects.

On the other hand, river pebbles are much larger, with stones averaging around 3/4 of an inch to 2 inches in diameter. Because of their size, they are usually present in aquariums and water features. Also, unlike pea gravel, river pebbles come in only a few natural colors like black, brown, and grey.

How does pea gravel differ from crushed rocks?

Pea gravel most prefered choice for driveways or garden

Pea gravel is comprised of smaller stones, while crushed rocks are made up of larger pieces. Pea gravel is also rounder in shape, while crushed rocks are more angular.

Pea gravel is a preferred choice for driveways and landscaping projects because it is less likely to get caught in automobile tires or stuck in the ground than crushed rocks. On the other hand, crushed rocks are often used as a base layer for concrete or asphalt paving projects.

How to maintain your pea gravel on your ground?

Maintaining pea gravel on your ground is easy. Just sweep it clean of debris every once in a while and hose it down if it gets dirty. 

If you want to ensure they stay in place, you can use different materials, including some grids. Here are other grids you can use to maintain the position of your pea gravel.

  • Diamond Grid - You can use diamond-shaped grid to enhance the look of your landscaping.
  • Irregular-Shaped Grid - If you don't want a uniform look, try irregular-shaped grid to keep your pea gravel in place.
  • Hexagon-shaped Grid - This is also suitable as it creates a geometric pattern that's eye-catching. 
  • Circular Grid - This can keep your pea gravel in place and keep your outdoor area looking appealing.

Using these different grids could prevent your pea gravel from loosening. It also keeps the area balanced, maintaining an equal and flat plane on your ground.

Final Words

Find your prefered pea gravel for your design

Now that you are familiar with the different colors of pea gravel, you can now decide on which color to use for your landscape. Whether you choose light or dark tones, it would improve the look of your home if the hue fits well with its color scheme. It's up to you to review the different colors and choose the best tone that complements your house.

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