Jeanette Figueroa

Jeanette Figueroa

Does Asphalt Need Edging?

Importance of materical choice for your ashpalt driveway for edges in your pavement, DoesAsphaltNeedEdging

Edging is very important to your pavement. Aside from giving it a finished look, it helps extend the life of your hardscape. If asphalt is your material of choice for your driveway, this article is for you. We’ve asked our…

Is Stamped Concrete Slippery?

Detail of stamped concrete on restaurant's garden - Is Stamped Concrete Slippery

When choosing the hardscaping material for your pavement project, your top consideration should always be your safety. Case in point, a slippery pavement can cause accidents and injuries. In this article, we’ll talk about stamped concrete and its ability to…