Are Unilock Pavers Slippery?

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With Unilock's wide range of paver products, they offer a variety of choices perfect for your next paving project. Safety from slipping should always be considered when choosing what paver materials to use, especially in constantly wet areas. However, are Unilock pavers slippery? We gathered information that might help you, and here is what we found.

Unilock provides a range of paver styles with textured surfaces to ensure safe footing. Unilock pavers have smooth and textured non-slip surfaces, so you don't have to worry about slipping.

While it was mentioned that Unilock offers a variety of non-slip paver types, you may wonder, what exactly are these types? And where should it be best used? Stay with us to learn more!

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What Unilock Paver Types Are Non-Slip?

Driveways, walkways, and pool decks are three of the most common paver areas that usually get wet most often. Not only that, these areas experience the heaviest foot traffic in your home. Pavers installed in these areas should be slip-resistant to prevent accidents.

Here are some types of pavers that will fit best with your needs, according to Unilock:


Your driveway serves as an introduction to your home and is charged with making the finest first impression possible. Consider these following attractive pavers with non-slip surfaces for a comfortable and safe driving experience:

1. Brussels Block

Brussels Block pavers have a classic warmth and sophistication to increase your aesthetic appeal and add a touch of luxury to your landscaping that will outlive changing fads. The surface textures of these pavers are distinct from actual quarried stone. Also, this paver option is extremely compatible with well-vegetated landscapes.

The grote market in Brussels

For example, Sierra Brussels Block pavers and Courtstone accent pavers in the Basalt color variation can create a bright driveway. The sandy undertones in the Sierra Brussels Block pavers allow the surrounding greens to pop, while the dark Courtstone pavers resemble the rich hue of healthy soil.

2. Thornbury

Thornbury pavers have a flagstone feel that works well in rustic and modern hardscape designs. These pavers are not only beautiful but are also eco-friendly.

These pavers are eco-friendly in the sense that they allow rainwater to drain back to the ecosystem, conserving wasteful runoff water that might go to your storm drains. This characteristic also helps your driveway prevent puddle formations that may damage your pavers.

Back yard exterior of elegant neat home in the suburbs.

3. Umbriano

The surface of Umbriano pavers is attractively mottled, with naturally occurring patches of light and dark coloring. These pavers are not only non-slip but also stain-resistant, reducing the risk of oil spills.

Each paver is unique because of the random dispersion of color, which results in an attractive paved surface. ColorFusion Technology is used to produce this paver, resulting in wonderfully blended hues, while EnduraColor Architectural Finishes provide a refined and non-slip surface similar to polished granite.

Play around with different hues of jointing sand to add definition or create a more blended look.

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4. Antara

Antara pavers offer a warm, rustic appearance that is incredibly appealing, making them ideal for your driveway. Their worn textures blend in with any surrounding plants, bringing the softscape and hardscape together rather than drawing contrasts between them.

Pavers, wood custom garage doors, landscaping and beautiful stone exterior walls on a custom home.

5. Senzo

Senzo pavers are a popular choice for contemporary landscape designs because their clean edges and smooth surfaces complement many of the features seen in modern landscapes. They are also available in huge sizes that lend beauty to open places like driveways.

Senzo is slip-resistant and may be used to build non-slip walkways and then extended around the property to make equally safe surfaces for outdoor kitchens, patios, and pool decks.

Black and White Marble floor texture background

The random patterns on these pavers' surfaces provide unique and intriguing surfaces. They also shine against lush greenery, while any nearby landscape assists in visually softening the paved surface and adding dimension to the landscape design.

These pavers are also stain-resistant, making them ideal for use in locations where people gather to socialize. Use a high-contrast, equally modern paver-like Series to complement Senzo.

6. Il Campo

This type of Unilock paver has an elegant surface texture and a warm, simple look. Il Campo pavers are infused with EnduraColor Plus, making them highly resistant to fading and ensuring that they can weather the harsh conditions that driveways are subjected to.

These pavers are available in various colors and forms, allowing you to create a wide range of sophisticated laying patterns. Its intricate surface texture is one of the features that makes it ideal for high-traffic areas like walkways.

The brushed lines carved onto each paver's surface provide a beautifully textured surface that aids in giving solid footing during adverse weather.


Non-slip walkways are an essential element in any home since they help lessen the chances of someone falling and getting hurt. If moisture gathers on the surfaces of typical hardscapes, even non-disabled individuals can fall and harm themselves.

Here is a paver option you can use in your walkways that is both safe and attractive:

1. Town Hall

Town Hall is a brick-like paver that may be installed using permeable pavers installation methods. This aids in the reabsorption of rainwater runoff and helps to reduce pooling which makes surfaces slippery.

Colorful cobblestone road pavement

Furthermore, Town Hall pavers are highly textured and include precise detail, which was achieved by casting each paver individually from molds of hundreds of real roadway brick pavers. This results in a high level of aesthetic interest and a stable surface even when wet.

Pool Deck

Your home's pool deck must be built with both design and functionality in mind. Although you'll undoubtedly want your pool deck to stand out, you won't want to risk poolside safety or longevity by sacrificing it to the demands of pool chemicals or salt.

For your pool deck, Unilock products combine durable, non-slip surfaces with the appealing attributes of natural stone. Here are some options you might choose from:

1. Brussels Block

Brussels Block has a worn texture that lends an ancient and calm feel to traditional homes and natural landscapes. You'll be able to design a complementary and fitting pool deck for your property with three sizes of units.

Brussels Block delivers the extraordinary durability of concrete while mimicking the appearance of natural stone. It is prepared to endure the pressures of different seasons, UV exposure, chemical and salt exposure, and heavy objects.

2. Europaver

Creative laying patterns and decorative designs and a more monochrome deck that showcases the beauty of the water are simple to achieve with Europaver. This type offers a more sophisticated look for your pool deck.

euro paver

3. Artline

Unilock's Artline is another modern pool decking choice. This plank-like paver comes in various lengths and features clean lines, precise edges, and perfect angles. This type showcases a contemporary style that blends nicely with a simple or sleek aesthetic to build a pool deck.

4. Beacon Hill Flagstone

This paver can be utilized to improve or add the air of a high-end estate residence to your home while remaining comfortable and elegant. Consider using Beacon Hill Flagstone to create a conventional, high-end pool deck.

These types have a worn appearance and are available in a variety of tints with varied levels of intense, rich color.

This deck has a great view and shows detail of the home.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right type of paver that fits your need is important. Unilock pavers are the perfect choice if you want both style and safety in your next paving project.

But remember, poor installation and workmanship can ruin even the greatest materials. The most crucial decision is selecting the best installer for your projects.

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