Are Pavers Safe For A Fire Pit? [With 2 Types Of Fire Pit Pavers]

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A blazing fire grants the feeling of warmth and comfort, most especially if you have fire pits to provide you this bonfire moment at home. But if you're worried about whether or not your pavers are safe for a fire pit, worry no more! We've done the research to help you with the best answer.

Yes, pavers are safe for a fire pit as long as they are made with the right materials. You should opt for brick or stone pavers since these materials can withstand high temperatures. However, if you have a concrete paver already made, there are creative solutions to make them safe for a fire pit.

While a fire pit can make your patio look great at night and can also serve as a "social hotspot" for your loved ones, safety guidelines shouldn't be overlooked. Read further for a thorough discussion on what pavers are safe for a fire pit and other important measures to take.

Welcome Spring and Summer with gardens designed for entertaining. Landscaped home design, small fairy gardens, painters get inspiration among the flowers, Are Pavers Safe For A Fire Pit? [With 2 Types Of Fire Pit Pavers]

What Pavers To Use For Fire Pit?

A fire pit has three important parts: the inner wall, the outer wall, and the pit area. The inner wall is principled to make direct contact with fire. Thus, it must contain paver materials like fire brick, metal, or steel that can withstand high temperatures from hot blazing flames.

On the other hand, the outer wall doesn't entirely make direct contact with fire, but you need to ensure that they contain materials that are fireproof and heat resistant such as brick, stone, and you can even make use of concrete.

Lastly, for the pit area, it is recommended that you opt for compactable gravel for a sturdy base to set on your pavers. You can start filling the gap in the inner pit area with stones or whatever idea you have in mind. Just be sure that the materials are not flammable.

Fire Pit

In addition to that, it is advisable to install a fire pit with pavers that have interlocking designs as they are known to be durable and can withstand changing temperatures. On the contrary, architecture slabs are thinner and can eventually crack or break when exposed to too much heat

Understanding what materials to use in your pavers is imperative so that you will not risk ruining the patio's look, the paver's integrity, and worst, burning a wide area or even your whole house down!

Types Of Fire Pit Pavers

A beautiful firepit in the back yard makes for relaxing luxury. Comfortable seating areas for good conversation.

Here's a list of fire pits that are guaranteed safe to build around your patio or driveway pavers:

Brick Fire Pit Pavers

Wooden rocking chairs, surrounding a firepit invite conversation beside a golf course and a pond.

If you do have brick fire pit pavers, especially kiln-fired bricks, they are safe for both above and underground fire pits. On the occasion of an aboveground fire pit, kiln-fired bricks function as a fire ring with the help of burning logs. They are safe as fire pit pavers since these types of bricks are fired up to 1800 ºF. Therefore, they have the ability to endure extreme heat.

Stone Fire Pit Pavers

If you have opted for stone fire pit pavers, they are also safe for a fire pit because they tend to be smaller. So, they can contain the flames better than other aboveground fire pits. However, the downside is that you might easily slip into the pit, which can be a great concern especially if you have children at home.

Alternative Fire Pit Ideas

You might as well be creative when you don't want to build fire pits out of your pavers, or you have a concrete paver that may not otherwise be safe for building a fire pit. The following are portable fire pit alternatives you can go for:

Stone Fire Bowl

A stone fire bowl not only does look sophisticated and nifty for your home, but it is prefabricated. It can even deliver a smokeless and odorless fire. Plus, it is generally safe for your pavers as the flames have a distant contact with them.

modern fire pit on backyard patio

Metal Fire Pit

Metal fire pits can be stylish, portable, and permanent. They're impressively economical and high-end plus they can accommodate a lot of space on your patio. What's more, metal fire pits are equipped with fire screens that prevent spark flames from flying.

For instance, this multifunctional metal fire pit from Yaheetech is made of heavy-duty iron mesh and frame that grants sturdiness and stability. Plus, it has a suitable cover that ensures safety in your environment whether it's used or not. It has an incredibly chic and modern appearance that will surely add aesthetic to your patio!

Click here to see this Yaheetech's metal fire pit on Amazon.

Steel Fire Pit

Unlike metal fire pits, steel ones are lighter and provide stronger weather resistance. There is a variety of steel you can choose from ranging from recycled junk and high-end ones. Not to mention, steel fire pits offer more durability and they can withstand corrosion and stain so you can maintain the integrity of your pavers.

Solo Stove's stainless steel grants you the benefit of a smokeless and hassle-free way of burning fire. It boasts of a patented technology that allows you to transport your fire pit anywhere. Plus, you don't have to deal with ash leftovers! All you got to do is flip its flame ring and you're spark is ready to go!

See Solo Stove's stainless steel fire pit on Amazon.  

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Panorama Fire flames on black background. fire burst texture for banner backdrop.

Here are additional pointers for you to keep track of when you have fire pits around on your pavers:

  • Always consult or seek approval from your local authorities when building a fire pit to comply with the restrictions, laws, and fire-related property damages. Doing this also prevents you from paying fines from obtaining permits.
  • Consider accessibility before building a fire pit. Ensure that you have the ample amount of space in your area.
  • For concrete pavers, use a fire pit pad as a protective heat shield betweem the pavers and the fire pit.
  • Do not build a fire pit arounf hazardous areas that can ignite a big flame. Areas that are near trees, hanging plants, flammable objects and chemicals, and zones with unfavorable winds are a big NO.
  • Opt for building option that is convenient to your budget, your safety, and one that serves your interest the best.
  • Never use flammable, non-porous, dangerous fire accelerants and water-building materials.
  • Equip yourself with fire safety gears.
  • Never leave your fire unattended.

Can You Use Fire Pits On Grass?

woman enjoying an outdoor fire light inside of a fire pit

If you don't want to risk your pavers and place your fire pit on the grass instead, this is possible but there are factors to consider and important reminders to keep in mind. But just because you can, doesn't entirely mean you should necessarily and constantly put fire pit on grass.

Firstly, putting a fire pit on top of the grass can cause damage to the lawn. Additionally, this creates heat stress, dries, and weakens the grasses, making them difficult to grow. Plus, this increases the possibility of annoying weed growth, which might lead to insect and diseases issues.

Second, you can put or use fire pits on top of the grass when you equip the ground with a fire-resistant mat or a heat shield to provide superior protection for the grass. If you have a portable fire pit, you need to move it around from time to time to avoid permanent damages to the grass.

Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Deck?

Beautiful backyard firepit at dusk with comfortable chairs

High-end and portable fire pits such as stainless and metal fire pits can be placed on a deck but with protection such as heat shields and mats.

However, note that wood-burning fire pits are a big NO to wooden decks as it produces embers that can abruptly catch fire on the wood. This is also still applicable to high-end portable fire pits above as a little spark on wooden decks can lead to igniting a huge fire.

This idea is possible but totally risky. For the best practices, you can have a look at this YouTube video by Sunnydaze Decor on the do's and don't of fire pits on wooden decks:

Do Fire Pits Cause Concrete Pavers To Crack?

Outdoor fire pit with roaring fire.

Generally, if you have installed a permanent fire pit to your patio on top of your concrete pavers, it is expected that it will crack over some time.

Concrete is made up of non-combustible materials. Thus, it lacks the flammability and capacity to stand as a solid base for your fire pit.

It is much safer to use portable fire pits on top of concrete pavers. Another option is adding some fire-resistant rock or bricks between your fire pit and paver. This is to lessen the possibility of your concrete pavers cracking or breaking. You can also seal your concrete pavers once every two years to protect your paver's lifespan and durability.

Don't Fan The Flames!

Outdoor fire pit with roaring fire.

Brick and stone fire pit pavers are safe materials as they can resist extremely high temperatures. For fire pit creative ideas, stone bow and metal or steel fire pits are worth a try.

Now that you know which pavers are safe for a fire pit and what fire pit alternatives are safe for pavers, you can now start creating wonderful moments with the flames. Stay safe and don't get burned!

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